Human Resources Management and Human Rights

Infineon respects internationally applicable human rights, labor standards and fair business practices and ensures their compliance. We do not tolerate any infringement of these standards as reflected in the Infineon Business Conduct Guidelines.

Respect to Human Rights, Freedom of Association, Abolition of Child Labor

Our Code of Conduct, the Infineon Business Conduct Guidelines, reflect our commitment to comply with internationally proclaimed human rights, including the protection of personal dignity and privacy of every individual. We shall not condone human rights abuses. The Business Conduct Guidelines shall apply to both internal cooperation and conduct towards external partners. 

The Business Conduct Guidelines are globally binding rules applicable to every employee, each member of the Managing Board of Infineon Technologies AG and to each member of the Board of Directors or similar body of Infineon Group Companies. Participation in training in this field is mandatory and is repeatedly carried out at regular intervals. 

Our Business Conduct Guidelines acknowledges the right of employees to join associations and the right to collective bargaining to agree on working conditions. Infineon and the respective employee associations work together constructively and in good faith as well as with mutual respect. 

Infineon’s Business Conduct Guidelines also address one of the main duties of the Global Compact: We do not permit work to be carried out by persons under the age of 15. Exceptions apply to employment relationships in developing countries under the International Organization Convention 138 (minimum lowered to 14) or to governmentally authorized job training courses or apprenticeship programs that clearly benefit the persons participating. 

We also require our suppliers and service providers to comply with the requirements included in our Principles of Purchasing, and monitor their compliance with these principles. These requirements include all applicable laws, including those related to working practices and forced labor.

Download Infineon UN Global Compact Communication on Progress

Diversity and Non-Discrimination

As reflected in the Business Conduct Guidelines, discrimination shall not be tolerated. An Infineon employee or an external business partner shall not be discriminated against, harassed or offended on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, union or political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital or family status. Any forms of sexual harassment, corporal punishment, physical coercion and verbal abuse are prohibited, as well as any intimidating hostile or offensive conduct. 

All employees, business partners, customers or other stakeholders who would like to report possible violations of national regulations or internal guidelines can make their report to this portal, openly or anonymously. Each report will be processed, and if necessary, Infineon will take the appropriate measures. Read more

As an international organization, we thrive on the diversity of our staff. Our global diversity management provides the framework for a corporate culture which values the individuality of each staff member and promotes equal opportunities – irrespective of age, disability, ethnic-cultural origin, gender, religion or belief, or sexual identity. The focuses selected may vary from one location to another and are tailored to local needs. More information about diversity 

Please look at the Human Resources Report 2018 for more information as well as to the Sustainability at Infineon Report 2018, pages 16-17.

Targets and Achievements